6 Things to Consider When Looking to Hire an Interior Designer

Are you thinking about hiring an interior designer, but aren’t totally sure where to start? I get it, your home is your personal space, so you want to find the right fit for you! It’s so important to be intentional when choosing the best interior designer to bring your vision to life. You want a designer who understands your personality, your values, your style preferences, and your needs for the space. But with all the interior designers out there (especially here in Atlanta) it can be hard to narrow down your options! I’m sharing my top tips on how to find the best interior designer in Atlanta (and beyond) for your next home project!

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Reflect on Your Interior Design Style

First and foremost, you need to determine your own interior design style. Do you prefer timeless interiors? Modern? Collected? Coastal? Maybe a combination of styles?

I recommend starting a Pinterest board with interior spaces that inspire you! Find photos that capture your design preferences and lifestyle needs. Not only is Pinterest a great platform to find dreamy inspiration photos, but it can also point you to the right interior designer to achieve the look you’re going for.

Here in Atlanta, there is such a wide range of styles among interior designers. With everything from traditional, to modern eclectic, to laidback casual, you're sure to find an interior designer whose work speaks to you!

Find Interior Designers Who Match Your Aesthetic

Once you’ve pinpointed your style preferences, you’ll want to search for designers with a similar aesthetic. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to search, but don’t forget to check out interior design websites and scroll through plenty of portfolio work! This will help you select the interior designers that match your aesthetic.

You could easily go out and pick the top-rated interior designer in Atlanta or the city you're searching, but if their style is different from your own, it’s probably not going to be the best fit for either party. So be sure to search for interior designers whose work sparks inspiration and actually resonates with you!

Side note: you’ll also want to read up on each designer’s process. The design process and methods of communication tend to vary from one interior designer to the next, so make sure their process sounds appealing and realistic to your lifestyle!

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Search for Interior Designers by Location

You can search via hashtags and geotags on Instagram to find interior designers local to you. For example, if you live in Atlanta, you might search #atlantainteriordesigner, or to narrow things down even more you could try #buckheadatlanta. This is a great way to find interior designers right in your city!

That’s not to say you can’t choose an interior designer outside of your city – there are plenty of interior designers who are willing to travel. But be sure to look into that when searching for designers. Are they willing to travel, and what does that process look like? You’ll want to talk through all those details in your initial meeting.

Determine the Scale of Your Interior Design Project

Be honest with yourself about the size of the project. Are you going full scale with full room furnishings, new build or renovation, or are you in need of styling and guidance? Take into consideration what you are looking for from an interior design firm and align yourself with someone whose expertise can handle your project needs.

Keep in mind, depending on the size of your project, you may be able to hire an interior designer for virtual design. Perhaps you already know of an interior designer whose work you love, but they aren’t local to you and they don’t prefer to travel. As long as you’re willing to tackle the install, virtual design could be a great way to get to work with your interior design idol!

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Consider Your Budget for Interior Design Fees

While it's easy to focus simply on your budget for furnishings and the construction process, often times people forget to factor in the cost of actually hiring an interior designer. Perhaps you have a hefty budget and can afford to work with your dream designer. If your interior design budget isn't unlimited, consider partnering with a designer who has been in business for a few years. Often times their design fees are lower than seasoned designers, and most are willing to work within certain budgets to make your project happen as they are building their portfolio.

Look for Authenticity and Genuine Connection

Once you've narrowed down a few interior designers you're interested in working with, set up a consultation to learn more about their process and to see if there is a natural, genuine connection. Go with your gut here! Make sure the communication is clear and that they’re actually listening to you and your vision for your space.

You’re going to spend a lot of time collaborating with the interior designer and their team over the course of your project, so it’s important that you find a designer who you genuinely enjoy working with! Once you find that person, it will make the process all the more enjoyable and relaxing for you. Before you know it, you’ll be on the way to having the space of your dreams!

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